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Shreya shiju

If you ever need a non-judgmental ear, Shreya’s here! Always open to new ideas, Shreya is ready to learn anything and everything from shampoo ingredient lists to random psychological disorders. Some of her hobbies include watching oddly good ‘bad movies’, baking, and listening to podcasts. She aims to combine her sharp editing skills with her many interests for this year’s e-Mag.

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Chetna choudhary

Chetna is a 12th grader who loves singing, writing descriptively, and taking pictures of everything she sees (although sunsets are definitely her favourite). A self-proclaimed masterchef, also acknowledged by her ever hungry friends who never let her eat her own food. You also won't find anyone who pays more attention to detail than her! During the time she spends at The NAFLER, she aims to incorporate her love for writing and help make the magazine more popular.

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ananya seth

With music playing in her head 24/7, Ananya is a generous and organized individual who is forever ready to lend a helping hand or greet you with a tight, warm hug. Her love for planning and organization has its foundation in her suitcase of a pencil box that she carries around school ready with any stationery you need. Her hobbies include but are not limited to, dancing, listening to music, playing the keyboard, baking brownies, doing yoga,  playing with her dog, and cracking poor dad jokes. She hopes to incorporate her love for History, English Literature, Psychology and Music in her role as a core member of the NAFLER’s editorial team.

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samarth s rao

Samarth is an eleventh grader whose interests tend to change periodically. From diving deep into world geopolitics one day to spending 6 hours on YouTube the next, he is known for his willingness to lend a helping hand to save anybody’s day! Samarth is usually lost in his world but he is perseverant and passionate about things that win his attention. He enthusiastically looks forward to his time as a pivotal member of THE NAFLER.

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