Rajath S.

An extrovert among his closest circle, Rajath is a bold 12th grader who holds back on judging people off the bat. A charmer, he loves making simple things complex and complex things simple, battling the fine line separating the two in every situation. You know he's had a memorable evening with his dog on the terrace with another picture clicked, posted and a long caption following it. A critic, ask him for his honest thoughts and he won't hold back (they end up being a little too honest).

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Suveena Suresh

Suveena may seem like she always has her head in the clouds, but when it comes to things she’s passionate about, you won’t find anyone more focused. She’s a compulsive reader, from medical boxes to road signs to door stopper box sets and she loves fantasy and food writing. Her hobbies include binging detective shows, listening to podcasts and performing Bharatanatyam at odd hours of the day. She aims to incorporate her love of language and literature into the time she spends at The NAFLER.


Arnav DespandE

He’s in the 11th grade. He’s productive, persevering, and perpetually optimistic. He also likes alliterations. Some of his hobbies include, but are not limited to, finding movie details, arguing with people over book interpretations, unsuccessfully making jokes, playing video games, and ordering takeout. He has his sights set on turning NAFL’s E-mag into an amalgamation of amazing features. He’s still trying to decipher the ending of Shutter Island.


Antara Vedantham

Antara is a 12th grader who is outgoing, enjoys expressing herself and having her views heard. She loves participating in philosophical discourse and debating morality and ethics. You'll always find her with her dogs, sipping coffee and listening to the classics while admiring the scenery.


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